We invite other organizations to adapt these tools to suit their implementation efforts.


BC PSLS began as an idea in 2002 and later became a reality in 2007 with the launch of two pilot projects:  one at Vancouver General Hospital (Vancouver Coastal Health) and one at BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre (Provincial Health Services Authority).

In 2007 with funding support provided by Canada Health Infoway, the BC Ministry of Health Services, Vancouver Coastal Health and Provincial Health Services Authority, BC PSLS launched the two pilots, which aimed to improve patient safety event reporting and management within the pilot sites. Building on the success of the two pilots, BC PSLS moved forward with province-wide rollout in early 2008 and by mid-2011, implementation was complete.

All BC health authorities were fully up and running on BC PSLS, using the system to report and learn from safety events in acute, residential and community care settings.  A robust change management approach was applied as BC PSLS spread across the province, ensuring stakeholder engagement, change readiness, education, training, communications and evaluation were proactively addressed.

Other organizations planning to implement similar systems are invited to explore the tools available on our blog and download any documents that will support their efforts. 

What did we learn in BC?

Lessons learned from the BC PSLS pilot projects and our recommendations for wide-spread implementation of an online event reporting and learning system are described in our Evaluation Report:

Tools to help you get started!

For BC PSLS, we adopted a centralized implementation approach to promote sustainable change over the long term. Our plans included standardized tools, methods, materials and messages for each implementation region and facility:

If you like our tools and find them helpful we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us.

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