What’s the plan?

We tend to ask this question a lot. What’s the plan for today’s meeting? What’s the plan for lunch?

It’s often pretty easy to answer.

Sometimes it’s not so simple, though. What’s the plan for next five years? What will our organization focus on, what can our stakeholders expect from us, and how will we know if we’ve succeeded?

We’re talking about strategic planning and are thrilled to share the result of this past year’s consultations, idea gathering, surveys, and feedback in our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.

Where we’ve come from

Our previous strategic plan helped us steer the course from 2014 through 2018.

Back in 2014, BCPSLS had been fully implemented across the province for only a few years. At that time, it was extremely helpful to establish a mission, vision, and values together with our stakeholders. A review of our system, operating model, goals, and strategies helped BCPSLS establish guideposts for both day-to-day operations and long-term projects.

From 2014-2018, our priorities focused on measuring and reporting, building relationships, participating in and leading initiatives, staying relevant, and empowering our team to excel. We put plans into action and tracked our performance along the way. We even celebrated a few milestones, like our ten-year anniversary and the five-year anniversary of this blog.

What’s changed

So, will we continue on the same familiar path?

Not exactly.

Our mission, vision, and values remain the same, but BCPSLS has grown! Health care providers across BC have submitted over 1 million reports in our database and the rate of reporting increases by about two per cent each year.

Collectively, we have lots of data, and our system has been well-adopted for reporting. Those are great achievements, but there are some gaps in our user base, and we know that we need to keep working on shifting the focus from reporting to learning and improvement to show value and relevance.

We’re also embarking on a big, new technology adventure called Datix Cloud IQ, which you’ll be hearing more about in the next few months as we prepare to transition our software from the web to the cloud.

What stakeholders want

Last fall we began our strategic planning process for 2019-2023 with an internal SWOT analysis (strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats) and review of our previous strategic directions.

We then developed a stakeholder survey that invited input from our governance committees, partners, and front-end users. Survey results were validated with focus groups and interviews, and themes were identified.

Our stakeholders let us know they wanted:

  • Quick and easy reporting and report generation
  • More education
  • Physician engagement
  • Patient and family input and reporting
  • Data sharing and provincial data analysis
  • Closing the loop to reporters
  • Support with data analysis and investigation

A draft plan, based on these themes, was presented at our Annual Governance Meeting in February 2019. Representatives from across the province participated in a world café-style session to explore key elements and the results informed the final stage of our planning process.

Datix Cloud IQ

Many of the themes stakeholders identified align well with new functionality and changes offered by our upcoming transition to Datix Cloud IQ software.

We are anticipating an easier, more streamlined reporting experience along with an updated look and feel of the entire system. Patient safety incidents, feedback (complaints), and claims modules are improved, and new modules for learning summaries, mortality review, investigations, and recommendations are coming, along with a mobile app for reporting.

It’s an exciting time for us here at Central Office as we work with our vendor, RLDatix, to be first to launch this new platform in Canada!

2019-2023 Strategic directions

We are delighted to announce our 2019-2023 strategic directions:

For more details on how these priorities were selected and how we’re going to act on them, we invite you view or download a copy of our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with us!

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