It’s been a work in progress for several months, so we’re excited to announce that BC PSLS was recently upgraded to offer several new features for users across the province. These developments are part of our overall commitment to BC’s healthcare providers, ensuring you have the tools you need to improve quality and safety in your organizations, and continuing to make them better.

You will see two new Safety Event Report Forms on the BC PSLS Landing Page, appreciate the enhanced features in ‘Design a report’ when you create BC PSLS reports, and find reporting events quicker and easier thanks to additional new features.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

  • Surgical Count Discrepancy (new form) – For staff in perioperative or similar settings to report discrepancies in the pre- and post-procedural counts of surgical instruments and supplies (incorrect count, incomplete count, not count). Look for the new icon on the BC PSLS Landing Page. More details can be found here.
  • Laboratory (new form) – To report an unexpected/undesired occurrence or patient safety event involving laboratory testing (including point of care testing – POCT) at any stage (ordering, order entry and processing, sample collection, analysis and post-analysis reporting of results) and from any location (laboratory, patient care unit, emergency department, etc.). Look for the new icon on the BC PSLS Landing Page. More details can be found here.
  • Design a report – Handlers will love the new version! There’s greater flexibility in how you show data, your saved queries and new queries are easier to find, it’s easier to add second data elements, and you can show “top” items or %. A quick overview of these enhancements can be found here (BC PSLS Communication #1). You can also contact your BC PSLS Coordinator for help. And stay tuned for a new eLearning module on the way soon.
  • Other – Radio buttons (for ‘Yes/No’ questions), check boxes for multi-pick fields and new calendar for date fields.

We look forward to hearing what you think about these new changes so we can continue to make improvements to BC PSLS with input and suggestions from all of you. You can post your comments on our blog or drop us a note at bcpslscentral@phsa.ca.

Thank you and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

BC PSLS thanks the following individuals and groups for their input and assistance in developing the new forms:

Nancy Banks (IHA), Debra Burns (FHA) and the Provincial Laboratory Quality Group

Sharon Bisson (PHC) and perioperative nurses from across the province

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