Projects / Initiatives

We proudly support BC’s healthcare providers with their efforts to improve patient safety.

Patient’s View

This project kicked off at BC Children’s Hospital as a pilot project in August 2012. Hospital volunteers conduct interviews with families just prior to discharge to learn more about how families perceive safety and quality during the their child’s stay in hospital. Others in the UK and USA are doing similar projects and we are exchanging our findings with each other.

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BCPSLS Analytics

This business intelligence initiative aims to provide better analytics about patient safety events in BC. The goal is to provide senior leaders and other designated users quick access to interactive reports about their health authority’s BCPSLS data. 

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Adult Abuse & Neglect

We worked with representatives from Vancouver Coastal Health’s re:act adult protection program to pilot the Safety Events module for the reporting of concerns about adult abuse or neglect of vulnerable adults. BCPSLS re:act has now rolled out to Designated Responders across the province.

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We’re working with the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) to pilot the electronic transfer of medication event data from BCPSLS to the medication module of CIHI’s National System for Incident Reporting (NSIR).

BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS)

BCEHS implemented the Safety Events module across the organization as a pilot project in late 2010. The Complaints module is also being used to identify and respond to care quality complaints through the Patient Care Quality Office at PHSA. A project to explore safety reporting culture at BCEHS has influenced a new patient-centred approach across the organization.

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Transfusion Error Surveillance System (TESS)

BC PSLS Central Office is working with representatives from VIHA to configure BCPSLS and align it with data elements collected by the national Transfusion Error Surveillance System (TESS).

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Lab Events

We worked with Dr. Michael Noble (UBC) to review and evaluate de-identified reports of laboratory safety events in the BC PSLS provincial database.

Infection Prevention and Control

A working group comprised of representatives from BC health authorities, PICNet and Central Office worked with an EMBA student to define the data elements required to capture these types of events in BCPSLS. Updates to BCPSLS were made available in 2011.

Provincial Language Service (PLS)

In February 2011, questions provided by the Provincial Language Service (PLS) were added to all provincial patient safety event report forms. These questions will be used by PLS to identify safety events where language barriers played a significant role.

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