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BC PSLS team!

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new BC PSLS blog!  My name is Michelle Preston and I am the Administrative Manager & Communications Coordinator at BC PSLS Central Office.  To get us started, I will be the voice of our blog but over time I hope many of you will also participate…perhaps becoming a regular guest blogger!

Why have we decided to start a BC PSLS blog?  During our “From Reporting to Learning” provincial workshop last November we listened as participants told us we needed a more interactive way to share news and updates from Central Office.  On that day, we also recognized the huge benefit of bringing people together to share their ideas, learn from each other, and build relationships.  We want to keep these connections going and we believe our blog will become a thriving online community where our colleagues can participate in conversations about BC PSLS and patient safety.  We hope you agree!

Posts will be weekly and I invite you to contribute.  You can join the conversation by posting a comment to one of our posts or by simply sharing our blog posts with your peers.  If you are intersted in contributing a larger patient safety story from your organization please contact and we’ll work together to create a post for the blog.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @bcpsls, subscribe to our RSS feed and, most importantly, stay tuned for more from the BC PSLS blog!


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