BC PSLS Upgrade

Yesterday (August 26th) BC PSLS underwent a significant upgrade so we could offer several new features and enhancements to BC PSLS Handlers. We take pride in making BC PSLS the best it can be for all our users and system upgrades, like the one we did yesterday, are our opportunity to do that!

This time we focused on our Handlers – healthcare leaders from all areas of care who login to our system on a regular basis (often daily) to carry out important tasks such as safety event follow-up, data analysis and creating reports. Our aim with these latest improvements is to make BC PSLS more efficient and easier for Handlers to use so we hope these changes are helpful.

Safety Learning Form (follow-up form) improvements:

  • New “Orange text” in the navigation panel (section headings) so Handlers can quickly identify which sections of a record contain data 
  • New record “headers” at the top of each screen with the Event ID, patient name and event category to provide context as Handlers move throughout a record 
  • New “Last updated” field so Handlers can see who updated a record last and when he/she updated it
  • Remain in a record after clicking “Save” instead of needing to click on “Return to record”
  • Quickly move from record to record with just one click when reviewing multiple records at one time 

This bulletin provides more details and screen shots about these changes. 

Contact your BC PSLS Coordinator if you need help or have questions.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and suggestions for how we can improve BC PSLS. We look forward to receiving any feedback or comments you have!

BC PSLS Central Office team

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