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Nearly 400 safety event reports are submitted to BC PSLS each day from across the province. This data is allowing us to identify safety concerns and target quality and safety improvements where they’re needed most. To date, approximately 825,000 event reports are in the BC PSLS database. Data summaries provide a rich basis for learning and improvement to over 10,000 healthcare leaders across BC.

types of neurons, which they gary zimmerman mens authentic jersey can use to create neurons that are more like those found in the adult nervous system. These particular types of neurons are thought to be dysfunctional in various disorders including autism, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia, so increased knowledge of these specific neurons could dramatically facilitate the study and eventual treatment of these devastating disorders. Thomas Reh, Rachel Wong and Fred Rieke, University of Washington ($1.3 million)This project will address two major roadblocks in neuronal maturation of cells in the authentic larry fitzgerald womens jersey brain and the developmental “clock” the context of the retina. The retina is ideal for these studies because it is a self contained part of the nervous system with known cell types and authentic spencer lanning youth jersey stereotypic connections that have well defined functions. The project will determine how closely the neural circuitry in a stem cell derived retina resembles its normal in vivo counterpart, and will also investigate whether small RNAs, called microRNAs, control the developmental
ANCA for Rheumatologic Disease youth cj anderson jersey C ANCA and p ANCA are two tests used in the diagnosis and evaluation of rheumatologic diseases. These conditions often result from a dysfunction in the immune system, which alfred blue mens jersey triggers an attack on certain tissues in the body womens terence newman jersey that it mistakes as foreign or invading microorganisms or poisons. These dan bailey mens jersey autoimmune conditions can be debilitating and cause significant health complications and disability. The c ANCA and p ANCA tests in particular help diagnose conditions that cause tyrone crawford youth authentic jersey vasculitis. What are the Vasculitides? Vasculitides are medical conditions that cause vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels. This results in decreased blood flow to the organs supplied by those blood vessels. Vasculitis also causes weakening of the wall of the blood vessels, causing an aneurysm, or an out pouching of the tissue authentic larry fitzgerald mens jersey covering the blood vessels that predisposes jj watt womens jersey to rupture and bleeding. The Tests According to Lab Tests Online, ANCA stands for antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies. These antibodies
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