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In our latest episode of Patient Safety Voices, our guest is Chris Power, Chief Executive Officer, of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI)

Chris Power 2016As you’ll hear, Chris is a passionate advocate for preventing harm across our health care system and says patient safety must be top of mind for health care leaders, front-line staff, patients and families. 

“At CPSI, we’re so focused on creating safe environments for our public, our patients and families, and it is a real gift to be able to do that.”

For more from Chris Power, listen to the full episode: The Canadian Patient Safety Institute: Fostering safer care across the country


Key takeaways:

  1. Promote open discussions about patient safety and quality in your organization.
  2. Care for patients like they’re family and allow them to share their stories.
  3. Patients: Be engaged, speak up and ask questions about your health.
  4. A collaborative approach to learning from patient safety events will ultimately result in better care across our health care system.

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