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Your participation on our social media channels – including this blog, our Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn group – is encouraged and we look forward to hearing from you!  In so doing, we strongly promote respectful discussion within our social media platforms and we request that all users be courteous by avoiding comments that are offensive, profane or inappropriate.  Please be respectful of others and remember that all content is open to the general public.

Why do we have a BC PSLS blog?

  • To provide a content-rich learning environment for online discussions about BC PSLS, patient safety and safety culture
  • To raise awareness about BC PSLS initiatives and provide updates to our users through an interactive social networking platform
  • To recognize and showcase safety ‘success stories’ from across the province and beyond
  • To actively engage the BC PSLS community and our partner organizations

Who is our audience?

  • BC PSLS stakeholders such as health authority executive leaders, front-line managers and staff, health authority directors and BC PSLS Coordinators
  • Healthcare and patient safety community (provincially, nationally, internationally)

Guidelines & Tips!

  • Posts (stories) should be between 300 – 500 words.  If you have a story to share that is beyond these limits there is the potential for a two or three part series.
  • Use a casual, friendly tone and include photos and links wherever possible
  • Try to avoid jargon and define any terms that readers may not know
  • Craft creative, consise headlines to grab your reader’s attention while keeping your story brief and readable – use bulleted lists when describing several key points
  • Engage with readers by asking questions and inviting comments/feedback


When submitting your blog posts please include a brief bio (75 words or less) and a picture of yourself.  Please submit the necessary documents and files to Michelle Preston mpreston@phsa.ca.  Michelle will work with you to make any necessary adjustments to your posting before publishing to the blog.

One last note…BC PSLS reserves the right to review all comments and posts before they are published to enhance the readability for others.  Any substantial edits will be reviewed with the author prior to posting.  We further reserve the right to reject or remove comments if we believe that the content is not adhering to our Terms of Use.

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