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icon_INC Safety Events 

To identify, follow-up on, and learn from patient safety events, including near misses, safety hazards and critical incidents.

Healthcare leaders are automatically notified when a safety event is reported in BCPSLS, and reporters receive an email notification after they submit their report, if they choose to provide their contact information. Authorized BCPSLS users can create summary reports to support learning and improvement.

The Safety Events module includes category specific provincial report forms. Reporters access forms on the BCPSLS Landing Page.


icon_COM Complaints 

To meet specific requirements of the Care Quality Review Board Act. The BCPSLS Complaints module allows Patient Care Quality Officers to easily and consistently respond to, track, and report on their complaints handling work. Additionally, data can be aggregated and analyzed to identify trends of quality care concerns.

icon_CLA Claims 

To support health authority Risk Managers with handling risk and liability issues, and communicating with the Health Care Protection Program (HCPP). The Claims module facilitates timely response, workflow, and tracking of actual and potential risks and legal claims.

icon_SAB Safety Alerts 

To facilitate distribution of communications related to alerts or recalls for products, drugs, devices, and other practice advisory information. The Safety Alerts module enables response tracking when action is required, pulls information from other BCPSLS modules to create a comprehensive alerting and response system, promotes accountability, and closes the loop on addressing system problems.

icon_RAM Risk Register 

To support the identification, assessment, and management of high-level risks and issues so they can be analyzed, addressed, and monitored.

icon_STN Recommendations 

To support the development, assignment, and management of recommendations arising from critical incidents and other types of reviews.

icon_ACT Actions 

The Actions module is complementary to all other BCPSLS modules. Healthcare leaders can assign tasks, track their status, and report about changes and improvements.

Self-learning for Handlers: Actions

icon_INC_report My Reports 

The My Reports module is a component of all BCPSLS modules. Healthcare leaders can access a selection of report templates to easily and quickly analyze and take corrective action on safety issues. Ad hoc searching and report building is also possible.

Self-learning for Handlers: My Reports

BC PSLS Analytics

A business intelligence initiative to provide better analytics about patient safety events in BC. The goal is to provide healthcare leaders, and other designated BC PSLS users, quick access to interactive reports about their health authority’s BCPSLS data. 

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