Incredibly, it’s nearly November, which means it’s been a while since I shared an update about what our team is working on at BC PSLS Central Office, and what else is happening around BC. As usual, there’s a lot going on! Much of this incredible work has been shared right here on our blog, so I’ve picked a few stories to share with you once again (look below!). I encourage you to talk about these stories with your colleagues and congratulate your peers on their achievements in quality and safety.

Since launching the new BC PSLS Landing Page and speciality report forms earlier this year, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and the quality of BC PSLS data has greatly improved. In August, we added two new speciality forms – Laboratory and Surgical Count Discrepancy – along with some new and improved software features. Reporters and Handlers tell us these changes have made safety event reporting and follow-up quicker and easier for them. So, you will be pleased to know this is where we’re focusing a lot of our time. More speciality forms and related tools are on the way!


Tada! A new look for BC PSLS Central went live in May.

This summer we marked the one year anniversary of our blog and introduced a fresh new look for BC PSLS Central. We’re proud of this accomplishment. Our team and others in the healthcare community have come to recognize the BC PSLS blog as a creative and engaging way to share new ideas, build lasting relationships and foster improvements throughout our healthcare system.


A diverse group of healthcare providers from Belgium came to BC to learn more about quality and safety initiatives in BC healthcare. Shown are the BC PSLS Central Office team and Belgium guests.

In September, we met with a group from Belgium who travelled to BC to learn more about our healthcare system and how we’re improving quality and safety in our healthcare organizations. It was gratifying for our team to share the extraordinary work that’s taking place in BC, and an exciting opportunity to talk about what BC’s healthcare providers are passionate about…patient safety and quality care.

Along with our BC PSLS Central Office team, participants of the two-day session with the Belgians included the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health and BC Cancer Agency. By the end, guests were energized and enthusiastic, saying it was an incredible opportunity to learn together and promote excellence in healthcare.

Finally, we’re pleased to welcome four new members to the BC PSLS team: Catherine Reid, Executive Assistant; David Gasson, Business Development and Information Systems Analyst; Jay Patel, Business Development and Information Systems Analyst; and Mehvesh Mallick Ahmed, Patient’s View.

Below are some of the patient safety stories I was talking about…read, enjoy and share.

Happy fall everyone!

Success stories from across BC 

The volume and variety of patient safety success stories from all over BC is astounding. Staff from all health authorities have taken the time to share their work on our blog and we’re honored to once again share some of these stories with you. If you haven’t shared your team’s work on our blog and you would like to, please don’t be shy and let us know!


Dr. Michael Murray and Patty Garrett, Interior Health Authority (IHA)

Engaging Physicians in quality and safety: A model of success

Dr. Michael Murray and Patty Garrett have spearheaded a physician engagement model that’s leading to quality and safety improvements across Interior Health.


“There’s a lot of misunderstanding out there about narcotics,” says Arlene Crawford.

Think big, start small! Medication safety blitz begins in the North

Arlene Crawford describes her Quality Academy project and medication safety roadshow in NHA.



Biomedical Engineering staff at Vancouver Coastal Health closely monitor medical equipment to keep patients safe.

Putting patients safely to bed

Gord McConnell and Charles Xiao from VCH talk about equipment safety and patient beds.



Baby Pause is an innovative communication tool developed by a team at Fraser Health.

Introducing “Baby Pause” – safer care for new moms and babies

A team at FH brings attention to better communication and patient safety.

“Falls prevFalls-Article-with-textention is for everybody” says BC Cancer Agency president and staff 

Sue Fuller-Blamey describes the new falls prevention protocol at BCCA and Dr. Max Coppes shares his story.


A new Surgical Count Discrepancy Report Form is now available thanks to BC’s perioperative nurses and the St. Paul’s Hospital OR team.

Perioperative safety counts! 

Sharon Bisson describes life in the OR and the new Surgical Count Discrepancy Report Form to improve safety in ORs throughout BC.

BCEHS-ArticleA new start for an old service: How BCEHS has revitalized their approach to patient safety

Benjamin de Mendonca shares his insight on the new quality and safety culture at BC Emergency Health Services.


Pressure-Ulcer-ArticlePressure Ulcers: Raising awareness and promoting prevention in BC – Part 1 

The “Let’s take the pressure off!” campaign to raise awareness about pressure ulcers in BC healthcare was a big success. In this article, Shanon Handfield and Lisa Hegler tell us more about the important of pressure ulcer awareness and early intervention.

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