BC Patient Safety & Learning System (BC PSLS) has a ‘new look & feel’ following our recent upgrade! The changes will benefit all users across the province, starting with a more visually appealing design, particularly for Handlers, and faster functionality when using forms and fields.

Users of the BC PSLS system will experience the following benefits from the upgrade:

Drop down fields ‘quick search’ capabilities

In the old version, the drop down fields provided a pop-up list of options and a search field. This pop-up box temporarily froze/darkened the BC PSLS form until a selection was made: 1. ScreenCapture-V10.7-CCS3

In the new version, users will see that the pop-up box has been removed and replaced by the ability to type directly into the field with an immediate search and filter function. Additionally, users can display a full list of options by clicking the down arrow:  2. ScreenCapture-V12-CCS3

Main Menu new look and improved functionality

Previously, the Main Menu displayed modules in a list that required users to make a selection, which then expanded for the various options. Often times, modules were slow to expand/open:  

3. ScreenCapture-V10.7-MainMenu2

Users now see a new look with similar but faster functionality. After a user logs in their default menu and options will be displayed. Additionally, there are quick access drop down links in the header for all modules: 

4. ScreenCapture-V12-MainMenu

‘Multi-pick’ fields

Previously, users clicked the green “+”and made their selection(s) by clicking “Add”: 5. ScreenCapture-V10.7-Multi-Pick

Now, users click on the drop down arrow (no longer the “+”) to make their selection(s) and hit “Enter” on their keyboard. Multiple selections can be made at once and will appear in ‘grey’. To remove a selection, users simply click on the red “X”: 

6. ScreenCapture-V12-Multi-Pick

Where can I find more information?

Over the coming weeks, news about education & training tools and further communications about more exciting changes to BC PSLS will be shared on our blog and provided by BC PSLS Coordinators across the province. Please stay tuned!

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