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BC Patient Safety & Learning System (BC PSLS) is a web-based tool used by healthcare professionals across British Columbia to report and learn from adverse events, good catches (near misses), and hazards that occur in healthcare settings.  BC PSLS is in use in all care settings in the province and is the only province-wide system of its kind in Canada. Our data provides comprehensive patient safety information to healthcare leaders and managers so they can identify safety concerns, promote a culture of safety, and encourage continuous learning – all in support of our vision to improve patient safety and quality of care in the province of BC.

BC PSLS Central Office is located in Vancouver and provides technical and system support, strategic guidance, communications, and training tools to all users. For more information about BC PSLS please refer to our website www.bcpsls.ca or contact us by email at bcpslscentral@phsa.ca.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Blog

The BC PSLS blog has surpassed our expections since launching in June 2013. Our audience spans across Canada and to other parts of the world, putting us in a unique position in the global patient safety community.

We are committed to providing quality content for our readers and expanding our influence across the healthcare system.

We invite you to check-in often to:

  • Explore a variety of patient safety topics from across BC healthcare
  • Read the latest news from our Central Office
  • Learn about trends in patient safety and quality of care

Our posts feature a variety of stories from all sectors of the healthcare system, including thoughts and opinions from hospital staff, leaders, patient safety champions and others.

If you are a BC healthcare provider we invite you to contribute your story to the BC PSLS blog and share what you and your team are doing to improve patient safety in your area, so we can improve care across BC!

Our Team

The BC PSLS Central Office team is led by Executive Director, Annemarie Taylor, and located in Vancouver. We provide support and expertise to stakeholders across the province.

Inderpal Chani

Inderpal Chani

Senior Technical Manager

Inderpal joined BC PSLS in 2006 and has over two decades of experience in information systems design and infrastructure, working in both Fortune 500 and smaller firms…

David Gasson

David Gasson

Senior Developer/Architect

David joined BC PSLS in October 2014 as Business Development & Information Systems Analyst and was appointed Senior Developer/Architect in June 2015…

Martin Jurkovic

Martin Jurkovic

Business Development & Information Systems Analyst

Martin joined BC PSLS in 2011 as Application Support & Test Analyst and was appointed Business Development & Information Systems Analyst in August 2015…

Michelle Preston

Michelle Preston

Communication Specialist

Michelle joined BC PSLS in 2005 and has filled several key communications and management roles throughout the evolution of the system across the province…

Catherine Reid

Catherine Reid

Executive Assistant

Catherine joined BC PSLS in October 2014 as Executive Assistant for Central Office…

Tammy Simpson

Provincial Coordinator

Tammy joined BC PSLS in June 2016 as Provincial Coordinator. Prior to joining Central Office, she was the BC PSLS Coordinator at Fraser Health for seven years…

Jesse St. Mars

Jesse St. Mars

Provincial Project Manager

Jesse joined BC PSLS in 2011 as Business Development & Information Systems Analyst and was appointed Project Manager in August 2015…

Annemarie Taylor

Annemarie Taylor

Executive Director

Annemarie is one of the original founders of BC PSLS and has held the senior leadership position for the program since it was established in 2008…

Data Quality Assurance team (missing from team photo):

  • Sandra Christenson, Lead
  • Anne Compton
  • Bev York

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