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Welcome to the BC PSLS blog!

The BC PSLS blog has surpassed our expections since launching in June 2013.

Our audience spans across Canada and to other parts of the world, putting us in a unique position in the global patient safety community.

We are committed to providing quality content for our readers and expanding our influence across the healthcare system.

We invite you to check-in often to:

  • Explore a variety of patient safety topics from across BC healthcare
  • Read the latest news from our Central Office
  • To learn about trends in patient safety and quality of care 

Our posts feature a variety of stories from all sectors of the healthcare system, including thoughts and opinions from hospital staff, leaders, patient safety champions and others.

If you are a BC healthcare provider we invite you to contribute your story to the BC PSLS blog and share what you and your team are doing to improve patient safety in your area, so we can improve care across BC!

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